just the part of the video you want. No additional files will be created.
on your clip. They will stay with the video and allow your friends to comment as well.
with your favorite social media sites, like Youtube and Facebook.
stream from your mobile device and clip, comment and share.
Advanced Audience
Engagement for
Entertainment, Business,
Enterprise, Education.
Watch the Video.
See why cut2it is the most advanced audience engagement platform in the market
The Platform
Our patented technology
It allows you to edit, comment, engage, and share.
  • In just a few clicks, select and share any video segment. It's simple and easy.
  • Sync your content across all devices.
  • Create a Virtual Clip from your original content with no new files and no complicated tools.
  • Dynamically synchronize comments to your Virtual Clip. Comments remain synced when shared and viewed. Comments can be in text, video, audio, or any rich media.
  • Initiate discussions anywhere within the video.
  • Link the video to any external media such as YouTube videos.
  • Complete indexing capabilities allow for quick review of the content, perfect for longer videos.
  • Transcription, translation, and transliteration synchronization for multi-language use.
Cut2it for business
  • Engage your brand's community with video that synchronizes with all your rich media content.
  • Create discussions around visual topics and develop tighter relationship with your branded content.
  • Motivate your fans to comment and share Virtual Clips.
  • Add comments and annotations easily.
  • Adding interest and engagement to you brand boosts incremental revenue.
  • Review historical data and community commentary.
  • Use the Cut2it team to help you create your own custom, branded videos.
About Us
The Story

The concept behind Cut2it is straightforward: Clip a video quickly and easily. Comment on it. Share with friends, colleagues, a class, or with anyone.

Cut2it was founded by Gaith Abdo and was initially formed as an idea on how to make his online video courses more engaging and relevant to his students. But it wasn't until Gaith was confronted by a real - life necessity - isolating the 30 seconds of his granddaughter's first steps from a 10 minute video so it could be easily shared - did Cut2it go from concept to reality.

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